Update Rebalance Option


Visit: yourplanaccess.net/retirementplanconsultants/

Type in your Username and Password,
as provided in your welcome letter

Select Role: Participant

Click the Login button

2.  On the Participant Dashboard, your Account Balance will display.

Click Make Changes to Your Account.

3. If you already have a rebalance option set up this section will state the date of the next rebalance.

Click Get Started under the Rebalance option to make changes.

4. Select Make Changes under the Recurring Rebalance section.

5. To Turn ON a recurring rebalance, complete the following sections:

  1. How often you would like to rebalance:
    • Once a year
    • Twice a year
    • Every three months
    • Every month
  2. Set Date of First Rebalance
  3. Enter a Threshold
  4. Click Next
  5. RPC Rebalances on the 26th date of the month.

To Turn OFF the Recurring Rebalance:

Toggle the button to OFF

Click Next.

6. Review your selections and click Submit.

You will be provided a Confirmation Number for your records.

Click Done.