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Who We Are

  • Retirement Plan Consultants LLC (RPC) is a firm committed to providing quality services and focusing on the success of our clients. We strive to make the retirement plan process as easy as possible by providing superior recordkeeping and administrative services to our Plan Sponsors, Participants, and Financial Advisors. Our flexible, open architecture platform allows Advisors to create a retirement plan that best fits the company goals, whether it be through a 401(k), 403(b), Cash Balance, or other type of plan. RPC is dedicated to bringing excellence and simplicity to retirement plans across the country.

What We Offer

  • Low Cost Platform
  • Bundled or Unbundled Solutions
  • Institutional Funds and ETF’s
  • Choice of Over 25,000 Available Funds
  • 3(38) Service with Multiple Lineups – Includes Dimensional Funds (DFA)
  • Model Portfolios with Dimensional Funds (DFA)
  • Dimensional Target Date Retirement Income Funds available with Integrated DFA Calculator
  • We are a partner that will bring experience and expertise to help you differentiate yourself in your market place.

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Why choose a 401(k)?

With a 401(k) you can design a retirement plan unique to your company.

Your needs don’t fit in a box, so why should your retirement plan?

Take advantage of higher contribution limits, provide an additional benefit for your employees, or design a plan focused on ownership or key employees.

No matter the goal, we can find the design to meet your goals. Request a proposal below!

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What is a 403(b)?

The world of 403(b)’s is complex and changing.

Who can have a 403(b)? How is a 403(b) different than a 401(k)?

Partner with RPC, explore the details, and lean on our expert advice to point you in the right direction.

Whether your client is a non-profit, a church, a public school, or a hospital, we are sure to find the right plan and make certain you are knowledgeable about its design.

Request a proposal below!

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Is the EZ-k the way to go?

The 401(k) plan is usually the last thing on a business owner’s mind.

So why waste your time? Simplify the 401(k) process with our EZ-k.

We make the plan options easy to choose from and the 401(k) plan administration effortless, so you can spend less time on the 401(k) and more time on the things your clients want.

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What other types of plans can RPC help with?

Didn’t see your plan type above?

No problem! RPC can assist you with many more plan types, including (but not limited to) defined benefit, cash balance, non-qualified deferred compensation, 457’s, Solo(k)’s and more!

We are your one-stop shop when it comes to retirement plans.

Request more information below and a consultant will reach out to discuss our services and plan options.

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While these providers’ solutions are integrated with RPC’s recordkeeping and third party administration solutions, Retirement Plan Consultants LLC does not recommend providers featured on our partner pages. It is always recommended, and in your best interest, that you perform your own due diligence.